A UCSB netid provides access to university services


Netid Activation

UCSB Identity Manager: https://im.ucsb.edu

New students can activate their UCSB netid within 24 hours of signing their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). They must provide their last name, student perm number, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number (SSN). Please enter four zeros if you do not have a SSN.

New faculty and staff can activate their netid once their payroll record is completed in UCPath by a UCSB department. Employees must provide their last name, employee ID number, date of birth, and last four digits of their SSN. Please enter four zeros if you do not have a SSN. 

Professional and continuing education students can activate their netid once their record has been created by the Extension department. Extension students must provide their last name, extension ID number, and date of birth to activate their netid.

New affiliates or guests fall outside the general population of students and employees. Affiliates must provide an annex locator and date of birth to activate their netid. The annex locator should be provided to them by the UCSB department that created their account.

Please note that if you already have a UCSB netid that you should not activate another one. If you find that your original account was not reactivated or a new affiliation was not added to your current netid, please contact one of the campus help desks.

Please note that activating a UCSB netid also creates a default UCSB email address at Google.The syntax of the default address is netid@ucsb.edu but your department may add an alias to be used instead of the default based on their particular email address policy. Students automatically get an email alias of netid@umail.ucsb.edu.

Netid Creation

Before a netid can be activated, a record must be created in the campus identity system. This record can come from different sources depending on your affiliation to the university: a record for faculty/staff is created in payroll, a record for students is created by the Registrar, and a record for affiliates of the university can be created by a UCSB department. Each affiliation is assigned an identification number that can be used to activate your netid.

Your account can have multiple affiliations, but it needs at least one to be active. The source of the affiliation determines how long it will last. A new affiliation can reactivate an old account, so there is no reason to activate another netid.

New students must wait until their record reaches campus identity before they can activate their netid. Please understand that there is a delay between the time you sign your SIR and the student record reaches campus identity.

Netid Management

Your netid account is made up of one or several affiliations each with its own end date. For example, a student affiliation end date is automatically rolled forward to the next quarter if they continue to be enrolled at UCSB. The employee affiliation end date is determined by payroll. Affiliate end date periods are generally one year and can be renewed by the department. You need at least one affiliation for your netid to remain active.

Fact #1

A netid is for life

Do not activate a netid if you already have one

Fact #2

your netid will form your email address

Every netid creates a gmail account of netid@ucsb.edu