We currently make normalization changes to name attributes (first, middle, last) due to age of existing sub-systems and limitations in the current Identity environment. We hope to introduce additional support for more complete character sets in the future. 

Current Name normalization rules:

  • strip leading and trailing spaces

  • remove all numbers from names

  • remove all underscores from names

  • replace diacritics with their non-diacritic versions (upper & lower case)

  • replace German ß with ss

  • a name component like mcdonald should be McDonald

  • a name component like "de" or "del" or "la" or "los" should be all lowercase

  • a name component like "ii" or "iii" should all be uppercase

  • contains exactly TWO spaces. in this case convert to a hyphen

  • the name component contains space dash space. convert it to a regular dash

  • capitalize the first letter of each hyphenated part

  • contains apostrophe(s). capitalize the first letter of each apostrophe part

  • convert "a." -> "A." (capitalize letter followed by period (if it is 1,2, or 3 letters interleaved w/ periods))

  • capitalize within parentheses

  • remove extraneous multi-whitespace