Remember, a UCSB netid is for life. Different affiliations may come and go, but you need at least one affiliation for a netid to remain active. UCSB departments control the affiliations a person has through UCPath and the Identity Manager.


New employees are created in payroll and provisioned to the campus identity system.  A complete record in UCPath of an individual will add them to campus identity as a pre-hire before their start date. They can activate their UCSB netid using the Identity Manager with the employee ID number you have provided them. When they reach their start date, their affiliation will change from pre-hire to employee. It is up to the UCSB department when to complete the UCPath record and/or provide the employee ID number to activate a netid.

Students and returning staff do not need to activate a netid because they already have one. The employee affiliation will be added to their existing account or will reactivate a terminated account.

The timing of updates from UCPath to campus identity is instantaneous. If someone is past their start date and has not been deemed an employee, there is an issue with the payroll record or the provisioning process to campus identity. After reviewing their payroll record for accuracy, please contact the help desk for assistance in rectifying the issue.