For student employees the payroll process is the same however the provisioning of data will not create a new account to be activated. The new payroll record will be merged with the existing account in campus identity and an employee affiliation will be added to the student's account. There is no need to activate another UCSB netid.

The merging of payroll data happens automatically based on data matching logic. Sometimes the payroll data is different from the student data and an exception occurs delaying the merge until it can be reviewed. If someone is past their start date and has not been deemed an employee there is an issue with the payroll record, or the provisioning of the data to campus identity. After reviewing their payroll record for accuracy please contact the help desk for assistance in rectifying the issue.
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To improve matching logic we will use the student perm number in the future. This means that all employee applications should include the student perm number. Please add it now to your department's employee onboarding process. Whether the person is a current student or past student, the perm number can be used to sync to an existing account.

Fact #1

The university employs many students

UC Santa Barbara employs far more students than staff.

Fact #2

Multiple names will not sync

Students will often submit a different name to a department then what they reported on their college application.

Fact #3

Add perm number to your job application

Soon UCPath will allow the entering of perm numbers in the payroll records of student employees. This will greatly improve the syncing of the record with their existing account.