This section is for members of the UC Santa Barbara community who wish to understand how a lived name is used in campus systems for display and/or use by university staff. With the implementation of the Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Policy, your Lived name should be displayed and used across all university systems and documents unless a legal name is required. Please note that UC Santa Barbara is in the process of implementing the GRLN policy and not all systems have reached full compliance.

Resources including frequently asked questions and best practices can be found on the GRLN webpage hosted by the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Additional resources will be added to this site, please check periodically for updates.

Changing or updating my name in Identity

UCSB and UCPath are separate systems with regard to Lived/Preferred name data.  Updating your identity information may require the following two steps.

Go to the UCSB Identity Manager, Log in and "Edit Profile". Select “Edit Your Profile” to update your lived name.

Log into the UCPath Employee Self Service Portal. Navigate to: Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary > Legal Name/Name and click Name to update your lived/preferred name

*** changing your name to abusive/offensive language or for the purpose of impersonating another person may be considered a violation of policy or code of conduct resulting in a referral to Human Resources or Student Affairs. ***

Changing my legal name

Some documents and business processes that may require the use of a legal name include financial aid, payroll documents, tax documents, bills for payment, or medical identification and records.

How to update your legal name with the university:

  • Students - Update your legal name with the Office of the Registrar
  • Employees - Log into UCPath, find the "Personal Information” menu, and edit your legal name under "Legal/Preferred Name". You may be required to send proof of the name change to Human Resources. US Employees: All legal name changes must match the name on your social security card.

Changing your legal name in California:

Frequently Asked Questions

for students, student employees and employees, you can update your name in the UCSB Identity Manager

We are unable to update UCPath with Lived/Preferred Name from Identity Manager. Some systems pull data directly from UCPath, therefore student employees and employees should also update their name in UCPath.

The UCSB Campus Identity Management System provides the default name fields in downstream systems. Specifically Active Directory and Campus Directory will reflect the preferred name for students, staff, faculty, and affiliates in the near future. 

If you are a campus technologist, your application should use the default name fields: the displayName field for the full Lived/Preferred name as well as givenName and sn for first name and last name fields respectively. If you have been using ucsbCufn, you can continue to do so until it is deprecated.

Your Lived/Preferred name will default to your Legal name if it is not set in Identity Manager.

No, specific fields for legal names will not be available.  Legal name is not currently available in LDAP and will not be made available after the Lived Name changes.

No, unless the honorific is typed in as part of First name or Last name

The current Identity systems have very limited special character support. This is due to some technical limits of Identity systems, but also in some of the older systems that rely on Identity. If we remove the filter at identity the problem perpetuates toward the next systems down. We have a basic list of rules currently in place on the name normalization page.