Departments can elect one or several Department Directory Editors (DDE) for their department by sending a request to the help desk. Their duties include updating account profiles for people, with pertinent information like email address. They can create affiliates for their department as well. Based on department code, a DDE can also manage people from multiple departments. 

List of Department Directory Editors

A list of current DDE's is available in the Identity Help Desk. This help desk is only available to select users and members of the help desk team.

UCSB IT Help Desk

If you need to add or delete a DDE, please submit a help request at the UCSB help desk. Select Information Technology Services > End User Services > Access and Accounts > Manage Department Directory Editors.


The affiliate function of campus identity falls outside the scope of the Registrar and payroll and enables departments to create accounts manually. A DDE can create an affiliate using the Identity Manager. A search function is part of the process to pull in existing account data to ensure the affiliation is added properly if the person has a netid. For new accounts similar to students and employees, an identification number is generated called the annex locator. This is given to them to activate their netid using the Identity Manager.

The affiliate function also enables departments to reactivate accounts or extend accounts. For example, if a faculty member is returning for the new quarter but the payroll record is not ready yet, a DDE can make them an academic affiliate and reactivate their netid. Remember to use the search function to find them and reactivate them without creating a new account. To extend an account, for example, if a faculty member is dropping out of payroll and would like to use campus services for another month, simply make them an academic affiliate to cover the period of time needed. This also applies to students who may have graduated but are still doing research or working with faculty on a project and need to use campus services.

Contractors can also be added as affiliates. However, they share the same access as an academic affiliate and are merely available to help you manage and sort different types of guest accounts.

The Identity Manager is the place to go to create affiliates, but also to manage them. All affiliations have an end date. You can view and sort all the affiliates for your department and determine which accounts are about to expire. If an account is no longer needed, simply let it expire. If an account is still needed, DDE's can extend the end date to a new date in the future.

Account Profiles

With each account comes a profile that displays information about the person. Some of the data is pre-populated when the account is created so that it is not blank. When accounts are older and have been through many different iterations, the profile may become incomplete. It is important to understand that campus identity is the source for UCSB personal data that is shared with other services. The person and the department share the responsibility in keeping their profiles up to date so that data is accurate. Moreover, a department may have certain policies to keep employee information consistent. For these reasons, DDE’s can edit the account profiles of people in the departments they have been given access to.