UCSB Identity Services supports two services to provide for UCSBnetID-based authentication for campus applications.

LDAP Authentication

LDAP-based authentication allows for an application's LDAP API to connect to an LDAP-based attribute service by which one can verify UCSBnetID credentials as well as query attributes. Our LDAP services are available only to connections originating from the UCSB network; if your application is hosted on-campus we recommend the use of LDAP authentication.

To configure your app or service to use LDAP authentication see our detail on Configuring LDAP Authentication.

Shibboleth Authentication

For applications hosted outside of UCSB we provide a federated authentication service based on Shibboleth technology. The Shibboleth service is not yet available for on-campus services.

See our Configuring Shibboleth page for more details on setting up your app for Shibboleth authentication.