As noted in the data dictionary, the ucsbAffiliation attribute defines a person's relationship with the University. This is of critical importance in any LDAP-enabled application or service, as ucsbAffiliation provides a baseline level of authorization for your service.

The following are potential values for ucsbAffiliation. Review these carefully to determine which demographics might be authorized for your service.


assignment An extract from the University payroll system is examined for current employees. Presence in payroll system data with an "active" appointment status* indicates an "employee" affiliation
removal Included in the payroll system extract is an appointment end date. If an end date is set for a given record, the employee affiliation will be removed on that date. If an end date is not set but the employee is no longer present in the payroll system extract, the "employee" affiliation is removed on the day at which they're no longer present.

assignment Three academic quarters worth of registration data are inspected including the current quarter two subsequent quarters. Presence in this data indicates an affiliation of "student".
removal Included in the registration data is a field indicating a student's registration end date, which is typically the last day of the future-most quarter in which they have a registration record. This date rolls forward as a student continues to enroll in subsequent quarters. When a student ceases to enroll their student affiliation ends according to the end date of the last quarter in which they are enrolled.

assignment For traditional students, U-Mail accounts are authorized for activation once an affiliation of "student" has been assigned to a person. Extension students are authorized to activate a U-Mail account only after an affiliation of "extension" has been set. After a student has activated their U-Mail account, an affiliation of "umail" is assigned.
removal U-Mail accounts for traditional students are deactivated on the first of the month for any student who has not been registered for the previous thirteen (13) months. Extension student U-Mail accounts have a one month grace period from the date at which they lose their "extension" affiliation. Once a student's U-Mail account has been deactivated the "umail" affiliation is removed.

assignment The Admissions office provides Identity Services with data containing records of individuals who have applied for undergraduate admission in a given year. Presense in these data triggers the instantiation of an "applicant" affiliation. Note that those that have only an "applicant" affiliation are not eligible to activate a UCSBnetID -- incoming students must have a "student" affiliation to be eligible to activate their identity record.
removal The "applicant" affiliation is removed once the corresponding record is no longer present in the current Admissions data extract.

The following affiliations are provided for miscellaneous demographics whose relationship to the University isn't reflected in central data sources. Such affiliates are typically provisioned by edge departments using the Identity Annex service.


assignment Assigned based on the presence of a record in the University Extension "Open University" student enrollment data for a given academic quarter.
removal The "extension" affiliation is valid only for 120 days from the date it was created, roughly corresponding to the academic quarter in which they're enrolled.
Academic Affiliate

assignment The "academic-affiliate" value is assigned to visitors having academic business with the University but do not fit the criteria of a formal University title. This affiliation was formerly known as "visiting scholar" but was updated to reflect new processes developed by Academic Personnel for handling such individuals.
removal The end date attached to this affiliation may not exceed one year from the date of creation, although it may be renewed as necessary.

assignment The "contractor" affiliation is assigned to visitors having non-academic business with the University. Typically these are vendors or other commercial service providers to academic or administrative departments.
removal The end date attached to this affiliation may not exceed one year from the date of creation, although it may be renewed as necessary.

assignment The "pre-hire" affiliation is assigned to new hires -- typically faculty -- that require a UCSBnetID for access to network resources prior to being added to the payroll system. Note with the launch of UCpath payroll, pre-hires can be added in payroll now which is the preferred way.
removal The end date attached to this affiliation may not exceed 90 days from the date of creation. Although this may be renewed, the use-case for this assignment is such that these affiliates will be added to the payroll system prior to their pre-hire end date.