Welcome to Identity Service Technologist Micro-Site. If you're a current Identity developer or you'd like to use Identity services in your application, this is where you want to look for details about our service.

Person Lifecycle

As a primer to Identity Services, you might review the person lifecycle. This describes the process by which we discover person objects and provision them into our service.

Identity Repositories

After person objects have been activated, person data elements are published in one or more identity repositories for access and consumption by campus applications and services.

Data Dictionary

The data dictionary provides definitions for each of the person data elements we provide in our service. If you're looking for details on particular data, this is where you want to be.

Development Support

For assistance doing development with Identity Services, check out our development support information. Hopefully you'll find something useful there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those pesky questions you weren't able to find answers for elsewhere? Maybe they're in our FAQ.