What's a UCSBnetID?

The UCSBnetID is the user id used to sign-in to services and applications available to the UCSB community. Visit our UCSBnetID Service Catalog for details on the various applications that require a UCSBnetID for access.

UCSB Identity records on which the UCSBnetID is based are automatically created for all UCSB Students, Faculty, and Staff. Campus affiliates and visitors may also have Identity records created to provide for access to UCSBnetID-based services.

UCSBnetID Activation

Once UCSB Identity Services has a record for an individual, one must activate a UCSBnetID to attach to their record. Use our Identity Manager service to create a UCSBnetID and setup your account.

If you believe you already have a UCSBnetID and have forgotten it, or you're just not sure where to start, the Identity Manager will tell you everything you need to know.

Identity Records

UCSB Identity services aggregates records from Admissions & Registration systems for students, the Payroll system for employees, and various other systems across campus to handle miscellaneous deomgraphics. Additionally we allow for the creation of visitor records via our affiliate process. If you're having trouble activating your UCSBnetID you might first verify your status with your respective organization.

If you continue to have trouble feel free to submit a trouble ticket so we can help out.

UCSBnetID Deactivation

Your UCSBnetID is automatically deactivated once you have separated from your affiliation(s) with the University. This process is described in detail on our Person Lifecycle documentation.

If you believe your UCSBnetID has been terminated in error, let us know and we'll have a look.