Requesting a new UCSBnetID

The UCSBnetID is your unique identifier for the duration of your career at UCSB and is meant to be permanent. The ideal UCSBnetID is one that resembles your name. However due to legacy systems you may have an older UCSBnetID that does not resemble your name or may even be embarrassing. For this reason you can submit a request for a UCSBnetID reissue.

Valid qualifications for having your UCSBnetID reissued include:

  • Does not reflect your name for example gauchos2008
  • Legal name changes processed first by Payroll or Registrar

Note that if your UCSBnetid contains your first or last name combined with any of your initials it is considered a UCSBnetid that resembles your name and does not qualify for a reissue.

Reissue Process

You can submit your request using the ETS Service Desk portal at ETSC.UCSB.EDU
ETS Service Catalog > Identity and Access > UCSBNetID > UCSBNetID Reissue

Once your request has been submitted it will be reviewed and you will be notified whether or not your request is approved. UCSBnetID reissue's are done as batch jobs at certain times of the month so as not to interfere with other campus processes.

If your request is approved, Identity staff will coordinate a date and time for the transition to take place. Other campus systems that use the UCSBnetID may take up to 24 hours to update your account. Once your UCSBnetID has been reissued, your previous UCSBnetID will no longer be active.

Services Impacted:

  • Do you use via the UCSB login page? Your old account, progress and certificates will be lost.
  • Do you use Connexxus for travel? Your old account, history and current reservations will be lost.

If you are a student, your Umail address will also change. Messages sent to your old email address will be forwarded to the new address.