Use of UCSB's next-generation Identity and Directory services requires that we transition each employee identity to our new service. Although directory and authentication services will continue to be available on the LDAP service, next-generation services and applications will require a one-time migration to the new service.

The migration of your record can be mediated using the Identity Manager application. Each staff and faculty member will need to login, read and accept the terms of service individually – there's no opportunity to delegate this step to others.

If you've forgotten your current password, there's no opportunity to reset it prior to migrating your account. You must come by the Identity Help Desk at 4101 SAASB to have a new password issued a migrate your account.

Note that all U-Mail accountholders will have their Identities migrated automatically.

Because there's no loss of access for those that don't migrate, there's no requirement that individuals go through this process in the short term. At some point in the future we may set a sunset date for non-migrated identities, but such a date has not been planned.