Apple Mail Configuration

Effective July 1st 2014 this service will no longer be accessible outside of the UCSB campus networks. For off-campus access to email addresses we recommend using the People Finder service. Alternately we recommend using the Campus VPN Service for remote access to UCSB campus resources.

1. Before starting you'll need to know your UCSBnetID and password. If you don't know both of these you'll first need to sign-in to the Identity Manager and retrieve them.

2. Within Mail, navigate the menu to MailPreferences.... Click the Composing section of the preferences window, and check the option to "Automatically complete addresses".

3. Next click the Configure LDAP... button, and in the resulting window click + to add a new directory configuration.

4. Fill out the "Server Info" fields accordingly:.

Name: UCSB Directory
Port: 636
Use SSL: Yes
Search Base: o=UCSB
Scope: Subtree
Authentication: Simple
User Name: uid=[your ucsbnetid],ou=People,o=UCSB
Password: [your ucsbnetid password]

5. Click Save, then Done and close the preferences window. Upon composing a message, addresses will auto-complete using search results from the UCSB Directory.