Creating UCSBnetIDs for Guests

Identity Services provides for campus departments and organizations to request a UCSBnetID for guests who have a need to access UCSBnetID-based applications and services. We refer to such guests as "affiliates" and define them as individuals who are neither students or employees but have an academic or administrative relationship with the University.

Affiliate Types

We classify guests into categories that define their affiliation with the University. We've defined the following categories:

academic affiliate Those with an academic affiliation with the University who do not fit the criteria of a formal University title.
contractor Those with non-academic business with the University: vendors, commercial service providers, etc.
pre-hire New employees — typically academic — that require access to UCSBnetID-based services prior to being added to the payroll system. Note with the launch of UCpath payroll, pre-hires can be added in payroll now which is the preferred way.
Requesting an Affiliate Account

Affiliate accounts can be created and managed directly by your departments' delegated editor using the Identity Annex app.

Alternately our help desk can manage affiliate accounts for you – requests may be sent directly to our help desk. Please include in your request the following:

  • Affiliate Type:
  • First Name:
  • Middle Name [optional]:
  • Last Name:
  • Birthdate:
  • SSN Last Four Digits [optional | required for pre-hire]:
  • E-Mail Address:
  • Sponsor Department Code:
  • Expected Separation Date:

Note that we can't accept affiliates with end dates more than one year in the future. Instead we ask that longer term affiliates renew their affiliation status annually. We notify both the affiliate and the sponsor department's delegated editors by e-mail before an affilate's status expires so one can be reminded to renew as necessary.

Activating an Affiliate UCSBnetID

Affiliates are issued a token known as an Annex Locator that's used to activate and manage their UCSBnetID credentials. Delegated Editors can use the Identity Annex to view Annex Locator tokens assigned to each of the guests they've sponsored.

Upon creation of a guest record, whether performed by our Help Desk or within the Identity Annex, the sponsor department will need to provide the Annex Locator to their guests. Once your guest has their Annex Locator, they can activate and manage their UCSBnetID credentials using the Identity Manager app.