Welcome to Identity Service Customer Support. If you're looking for information about your UCSBnetID or how to get one you're at the right place.

Identity Next-Generation

In August 2011 Office of Information Systems & Technology introduced a New Identity Management Service for the campus. Identity Management relates to the creation and management of UCSBnetID accounts for access to campus and university services.

Getting a UCSBnetID

If you don't yet have a UCSBnetID you can activate yours by using our Identity Manager. See our information on Identity Provisioning for more details on the activation process.

Lost your Password?

Can't remember your password? We can't tell you what it is, but you can assign yourself a new one. Head over to the Identity Manager to reset your password.

Account Termination

Once you leave the University your UCSBnetID is automatically deactivated. Details are available in our Identity Provisioning documentation.

Delegated Editors

Each department may have one or more local staff who have been delegated the authority to edit the business information associated with the individuals in that department. We've tabulated the delegated editors assigned to each department.

Getting Help

The Identity Services Help Desk is located at 4101 Student Affairs and Admin Services Building (SAASB). If you're having trouble with your UCSBnetID or have questions that aren't answered here, let us know and we'll help out.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven't answered your question elsewhere you might have a look in our FAQ.