In August 2011 UCSB Identity Management service released out next-generation service platform. The following info details changes to University business processes related to directory services and UCSBnetID provisioning.

UCSBnetID Activation for Employees

New employees may now create a UCSBnetID by visiting the UCSB Identity Manager. An employee must first be entered into the Payroll Personnel System at least one business day in advance.

This service replaces the U-Reset Token system previously in use.

UCSBnetID Activation for Students

Student UCSBnetID management will now use the UCSB Identity Manager rather than the former U-Mail process for UCSBnetID management.

Students will now have to activate their U-Mail account as a separate process, using the new U-Mail Account Activation service.

UCSBnetID Password Reset

Forgotten UCSBnetIDs and passwords may now be reset using the UCSB Identity Manager. The former U-Reset process to handle this function has been retired.

UCSB Directory Search

The online directory search service at has been retired and replaced with a new People Finder service.

Updating your Directory Entry

The Netpoint User Manager formerly used to update directory entries has been retired. Its replacement is the new Directory Editor, which provides for both self-edit and delegated-edit needs.

Prior to using our next-generation services, faculty and staff will first need to Migrate their Identity.

Getting Help

For assistance with these services, first check out our frequently asked questions. If we haven't solved your problem there please ask our help desk.